The Nicest Apartment in Nashville: The James

Published On December 23, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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A myriad of factors go into determining how nice a travel apartment really is. The first thing to establish, of course, is the quality of the apartment itself. Does it look more like a run-down motel with neon signs, or is it a place of substance and class? This particular measurement tends to be overly favored compared to other factors, however. Even the most luxurious suite in existence would become totally unattractive to the average tourist if it were located alongside train tracks and a paper mill. Therefore, we also have to consider a travel apartment’s location within a city to determine its value. Finally, just because you’re in a nice section of town, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re in an exciting section of town. So the final factor to consider is how close your travel apartment is to cool venues. Factoring in apartment quality, neighborhood, and proximity to sweet spots, we can establish the best travel apartments in Nashville. And there’s one travel apartment in Music City that stands head and shoulders above the rest: meet The James, Nashville.

The James

Let’s get the most obvious criterion out of the way first. Is The James a high-quality apartment? The answer is a resounding yes. First, there’s your totally private apartment. A fully functional kitchen is waiting for you, along with more amenities than you can count. Natural light floods the apartment during the day, complementing the high ceilings and open floor plan to make this already sizable apartment seem gigantic. In addition to your fully furnished and stylish room, you’ll enjoy the benefits of The James’ public areas. Take a trip up to the rooftop terrace to grill some steaks while appreciating a magnificent Nashville sunset. Then, take a trip down to The James’ fully equipped gym to burn off the steak you just ate. To top it all off, for the duration of your stay at The James, you can consider it home. You have your own dishwasher and a private washer and dryer, so you don’t have to worry about being interrupted by housekeeping at any point. At The James, you’ll see other people when you want to, and not before.

The Gulch

There are several delightful neighborhoods in Nashville, but none of them beats out The Gulch for sheer class. Located between Downtown and Music Row, The Gulch is a safe, attractive, and upscale community quarter that puts you just a short Lyft ride away from historic Nashville neighborhoods. Famous for its high-end fashion boutiques and restaurants, The Gulch offers up entertainment to all comers, including plenty of Music City arts and culture.

The Walkable Attractions

Finally, we take a look at the best Nashville venues so close to The James that you can walk to them. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Ascend Amphitheater

Set inside the Metro Riverfront Park, Ascend Amphitheatre is a sleek, modern venue that offers incredible musical performances. This outdoor attraction has fixed seating for 2,300 and room for 4,500 more music fans on the lawn, meaning you can have fun rocking out with 6,799 other music enthusiasts during a show at Ascend. The Amphitheatre hosts nationally renowned artists, so think about purchasing tickets to the show of your choice in advance!

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum

This is Music City we’re talking about, so don’t be too shocked that we’re going straight into a discussion of another music-themed location. I promise there’s plenty of awesome non-musical attractions within walking distance of The James, but none of them can compete with the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Honestly, this place would be worth it even if you were located a two-hour drive away instead of an eight-minute walk. The Country Music Hall has instruments of famous musicians along with mementos from the life of every musician to be inducted into the Hall of Fame since its creation over 50 years ago. The museum has more artifacts and music than you’ll know what to do with. Trust that this is one Nashville attraction you won’t want to miss.

Biscuit Love

Biscuit Love has become famous in Nashville for it’s locally sourced Southern-style fare. This breakfast restaurant is a popular destination for Music City natives and tourists alike. Really, all you need to enjoy Biscuit Love is an affinity for cafes, coffee, and butter…lots of butter. There are plenty of other delicious foods being served within walking distance of The James, but Biscuit Love is a consistent local favorite.

There it is, y’all. The James is the nicest travel apartment in Nashville given its a combination of several desirable factors. Now the only thing you have left to do is decide who to take on vacation. Which lucky people are going to get to appreciate The James and Music City right alongside you? The choice is yours…so have fun making it!







Image by Garrett Hill from Pixabay

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