The Cheapest Way To Travel To Galapagos

Published On January 22, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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The Galapagos Islands are the perfect places for anyone that wants to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle and experience the true beauty of nature. It is located about 622 miles away from the Ecuadorian mainland; hence, most of the things here are unsullied. With many wildlife found on land and underwater, Galapagos offers everyone different kinds of adventures that will make them want to live here forever. From the rarest aquatic beings to frigate birds, stunning reptiles, and lots more, you rest assured that there are tons of things to see on these islands.

Although Galapagos is the dream destination of several individuals, only a handful will ever get the chance to explore these beautiful islands. The reason for this is not farfetched – Galapagos is an expensive place to visit. The cost of travel, tours of the sites, foods, and other things can easily run into thousands of dollars, and this may be too much for many tourists.

What if you could learn a few things that could help you travel to Galapagos without breaking the bank? This article will show you the cheapest way to travel to Galapagos.

Visit Galapagos at the right time

When it comes to cost, it is common knowledge that the off-season is the best time to visit any particular destination, and Galapagos is not an exception. The air tickets and tour costs will definitely be at their cheapest rates during this period. So, you should avoid exploring Galapagos in June, July, August, September, December, and January, which are the peak periods on these islands. The fish, birds, crustaceans, and other animals on the Galapagos Islands breed during different seasons, so you can be sure that you will catch the sight of some amazing animals during the off-season. Similarly, most of the attractions are open all year long, so you can visit any time you want.

Avoid the cruise

For many people, the iconic Galapagos cruises are some of the most sought-after adventures at this picturesque destination. However, these cruises will probably take the most substantial chunk of your money. Pre-booking the cruise can cost as much as $3,000 in some cases. But it is not a must as many people have visited Galapagos and had great experiences without the cruises. Therefore, you should consider the idea of visiting Galapagos without having a cruise. Well, you can still have a lot of fun on land without the cruise.

With the land trip, you can explore most of the 13 islands on a budget. Take your land trip to the sea and get immersed in snorkeling, hiking, kayaking, sightseeing, and various other activities. The truth is that you would probably have the same experience and see the same things that you would experience or see on a cruise. Some of the islands you should add to your list of the land trip include Santa Cruz Island, Isabela Island, Floreana Island, and San Cristobal Island.

Take advantage of last-minute cruises

If you still want to watch more unusual animals and enjoy the beautiful views of more landscapes through cruises, then consider last-minute cruises. Booking for the last-minute cruises is often allowed when the seats are not sold out. Of course, the businesses need to sell their tickets; hence, they offer cheap tickets for people that are still interested. With the last-minute cruises, you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on your trip to Galapagos. Therefore, you should think about hopping on the Galapagos Legend 8-days cruise or any other cruise at the dying minute to have a great time at an affordable cost.

The last-minute cruises will involve various tours, activities, food, and other things that will offer you great value for your money. However, it is worthwhile to note that you should not put your hope in last-minute cruises because you may not get one, especially during the peak season. But waiting for a last-minute cruise is usually worth the risk.

Get your accommodation ahead of your trip

Let’s reiterate our earlier claim about the expensiveness of traveling to Galapagos. Hence, you should understand that getting cheap accommodation in Galapagos will be difficult. In fact, if you find any, it will probably lack everything that you desire in an accommodation. Or you may have to share your room with cockroaches or some rodents.

Luckily, the Galapagos Islands are not all about expensive accommodations; there are some mid-range and affordable ones. Unfortunately, the lovely, inexpensive accommodations are usually booked up as quickly as possible. The trick to cope with this is to book your accommodation in advance. Once you have decided when you will be traveling to Galapagos, make sure that you book a decent, affordable accommodation immediately. This helps you avoid the rush during the time and also allows you to select one of the choicest accommodations.

Participate in free or cheap activities

You may be surprised to find out that there are some free and cheap activities in Galapagos. So, try to explore the Galapagos Islands yourself by joining other tourists to take part in cheap or free stuff. If you find yourself on Santa Cruz Island, you may want to visit German Beach, Los Gemelos, Las Grietas, Garrapatero Beach, Tortuga Bay, Lava Tunnels, Charles Darwin Station, and El Chato Tortoise Reserve for some free or cheap activities.

San Cristobal Island is another beautiful place for free or inexpensive stuff. Take a short trip to Playa Mann, Las Tijeretas, El Junco, Interpretation Center, La Loberia, Puerto Chino, and Jacinto Gordillo Breeding Center of Giant Tortoises. Get lost in various activities at these places without spending too much on your adventures. On Isabela Island, attractions to explore for cheap or free stuff include Las Tintoreras, National Park Tortoise Reserve, Volcan Sierra Negra, Laguna Salinas, Concha de Perla, Wall of Tears and Los Tuneles.

Book day tours

Unlike most of the regular Galapagos tours that last for days, a day tour is a kind of a one-off tour that is scheduled for a single day. If you want to join the tour on the next day, you will have to book again. Compared to longer trips, day tours are usually cheaper. Notably, you don’t have to book them ahead. So, just travel to Galapagos, check out the available day tours and select the ones you want to join. Day tours are the budget-friendly choice for people that want to have breathtaking experience in the Galapagos Islands.

Eat and drink cheap

Perchance you are not thinking about your food and drink on the islands; well, they can make or mar your trip. So, plan what you are going to eat ahead of your journey. If you are genuinely looking for the cheapest way to travel to Galapagos and discover its beauties, you should go for cheap food.

Fortunately, eating cheap food doesn’t mean eating unhealthy food; it only means that they are not the popular choice of many tourists on the islands. Instead of joining other tourists to eat at the famous Western and Italian restaurants, look for places where you can taste local Ecuadorian cuisines. Drinks at the bars may cost almost double of how much they cost at the supermarket. So, go to the supermarket to purchase your drinks. You can take your snacks, food, and drinks with you to the attractions and avoid buying them at exorbitant prices.

Finally, you now know the cheapest way to travel to Galapagos. Take a trip to these islands and capture the special moments on camera while having loads of fun!



Photo by Simon Matzinger from Pexels

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