Romantic Hiking: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Published On August 30, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Fresh air, incredible scenery, new experiences – that’s all about hiking. A lot of really beautiful places are hidden off the beaten track. To watch the most spectacular sunrise, to touch some sanctuary, or see the ancient ruins, you often have to go a long distance on foot, because there is no other way to get there. But the reward is the unique experience, unavailable to mainstream tourists.

Benefits of Hiking

Hiking is basically a long walk, during which all groups of muscles are actively working. It’s a perfect exercise to keep your body toned, control your weight, improve metabolism. Apart from physical health, hiking is beneficial to your mental health. It’s like meditation for your mind. It relieves stress and anxiety. Finally, hiking is an interesting experience that enriches you and a perfect idea for a summer vacation.

The Basics

Hiking for beginners usually starts with choosing the route. You can join a group of hikers or create your own route. Going alone is a bad idea. Today, one of the popular types of hiking is urban hiking. It is a good option for those who want to try this kind of adventure but are not ready for a hike in the wild. Urban hiking is a nice opportunity to explore some interesting corners in your or any other city.

There a lot of websites dedicated to hiking where you can find such useful information as popular hiking treks, the best season for hiking in a particular area, and an ideal route for you.


Hiking is an activity that requires a good stamina. Although hiking sounds like a simple walk, a backpack full of stuff, a complicated trek, and weather changes will make you change your mind. It doesn’t mean that it’s only for athletes. You just need to prepare physically for a hike. Experienced hikers recommend the rookies to do yoga. Those exercises improve your breathing, develop endurance, strength, and flexibility. Evaluate your physical shape soberly and don’t try to conquer complicated treks meant for experienced and strong hikers.


Today, solo hiking is extremely popular. It gives you an opportunity to put yourself into unusual circumstances, test your tenacity, and be one on one with your thoughts.

Hiking is also a lot of fun if you set off with your friends. It’s easier to organize such an adventure and enjoy being in nature. It’s very romantic to go hiking with your loved one.

If you plan a serious hike, it’s better to go with a group of at least 4 experienced hikers.

Essential Tips

Wear comfortable shoes. It’s not necessary to be professionally equipped going hiking. Not all treks require that level of preparation. However, there are some items that are necessary for any kind of hike. The main thing is a pair of comfortable shoes. Reliable sneakers or boots – it’s up to you. It’s better to buy them not online but in a physical store to make sure they fit you well, are of good quality, and provide good adhesion.

Go multi-layered. A cold wind in the morning may change into the hot afternoon. You need to take such changes into account and dress accordingly. Put on several layers of clothes – it’s better to take off a hoodie then to wish you had it with you. Wear a water-resistant jacket just in case.

Choose a good backpack. Perhaps, this one of the most essential things after footwear. If you’re a novice hiker and your trek is not complicated, you don’t need those large fully-equipped backpacks. It should be of medium size and comfortable, as it’s going to be behind your back for hours.

Stay hydrated. Your body will beg for water after climbing a steep slope. So, make sure you have several bottles of water in your backpack. Odds are you’ll get hungry quickly, so take nutritious snacks with you – apples, oatmeal bars, chocolate, nuts. Be eco-friendly – take your trash with you.

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