Places to Visit in Europe on Your Travels

Published On April 5, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Europe is a great place to visit when you’re travelling, especially if you love exploring places that are totally different from anywhere you’ve ever seen before. There are hundreds of beautiful cities to visit and make the most of your time there before it’s over. We know it can be challenging to plan your visit to a country (or countries!) you’ve never been to before, so that’s why we have compiled this list of places you need to visit. Going travelling is exciting, but you need to ensure you’re making the most of your time while you’re there. The continent is a lot bigger than you may expect, which is why we’re helping you choose the places you’re not going to want to miss.

1. Ljublijana, Slovenia

One of the prettiest places you will ever visit (and possibly the quietest, too) has to be the capital of Slovenia, Ljublijana. Located in the central region of Slovenia, this paradise is filled with lots of adventure, and isn’t something you want to miss. Take a ride up to the top of the Ljublijana castle and venture around the sights.

When you’re up there, you won’t want to miss the beautiful scenery. Ljublijana isn’t too far away from Bled either, which is further towards the Julian Alps. It’s a quick day trip away and well worth the visit. You may have seen various photos of Lake Bled before; it’s a sight to behold and not one to be missed.

2. Liverpool, United Kingdom

A little more towards the left of Europe lies a hidden gem; Liverpool is one of the best cities you will ever explore. Not only does the city have a community of friendly people living there, but it has great activities to do and places to eat and drink. Take a trip to the Beatles museum or stroll along the Albert Dock; There are countless things you could be doing. The regeneration of Liverpool has meant there are various villages across the city (including the city centre) that have new build and developments where people can stay either short and long-term. Property company RWinvest have contributed massively towards the regeneration of Liverpool, especially in the once-derelict areas like the Baltic Triangle. One of their leading developments, Parliament Square, is set to change the face of Liverpool forever with its top-quality facilities and amenities.

3. Verona, Italy

Verona is the love city of Europe, and often is forgotten about. The birthplace of Romeo and Juliet, Verona is a romantic place to venture with your significant other. There are some delicious pizza and pasta restaurants as well as fancy bars to visit. Plus, if you’re a shopper, you may want to take some extra cash with you on your trip because Verona is known to be a little expensive. However, it’s a lot more affordable to visit than other Italian cities like Milan, Rome and Venice. While you’re there, you will want to visit the Romeo and Juliet house, as well as stopping off for a coffee in one of the nicest coffee shops in Verona: The Wheel Cafe.




Image by Dale Flaherty from Pixabay

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