How to Make the Most of Your Austria Trip

Published On May 9, 2018 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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When planning to visit Europe most people will think of France or Italy and its big cities like Paris and Rome at first, but only very few of Austria. However, Austria has so much to offer, what makes it the perfect destination for your next trip. This is why you should pay special attention to the following lines, as you are going to get a first impression of the extraordinary country!


Tyrol’s Beautiful Nature

Austria is one of a few countries that has it all: wide landscapes with huge mountains, large lakes and numerous forests. To benefit from every single aspect without travelling from one end of Austria to the other, it is essential to select a favourably situated place. The smartest choice? Innsbruck! The beautiful city in the state Tyrol unites all the conveniences mentioned above in its region and is therefore a unique and clever option to spend your vacation.

Beautiful Historical Center of Innsbruck

Due to nature’s versatility in the area around Innsbruck, you can go downhill-skiing, cross-country-skiing, snowboarding, sledding, sleigh riding and romantically hiking in Austria’s Winter Wonderland during the colder months there. However, you can also enjoy the pretty city lights, the Christmas market and great shopping trips directly in the city to get some special country-specific presents for your loved ones, as well as explore Innsbruck’s old town and its interesting history. On top of that, Salzburg as part of the UNESCO world heritage and the birthplace of Mozart is not far away from Innsbruck, so it is no problem to cross that off your bucket list, too, during your vacation in Innsbruck.

Perfect Setting for Outdoor Activities in Summer and Winter

When the temperature rises, the wonderful nature parks and neighboring areas invite to a hike with an ensuing picnic or refreshment at one of the excellent ice cream parlors or cozy beer gardens. Besides, going swimming in one of the lakes or taking a footbath in a stream can release the tensions of day-to-day-life and ensure a pleasant cool down! Of course, boating, sailing and other water sports are also possible thanks to the wealth of water, which makes your summer vacation in Austria an unforgettable experience. No matter if you are a long-established pro or total newbie when it comes to water sports, when being in Innsbruck you have to incorporate this pleasantness in your schedule!

Innsbruck is known as the Capital of the Alps – and for good reason!

So, no matter whether you are planning to visit Austria on your own, with your fellows or family – the huge variety of the country, and especially of the area around Innsbruck, holds the perfect trip for you. Innsbruck is a cultural and athletic metropolis in one spot! Hopefully, you take this insider tip and visit Austria as soon as possible. Just start organizing your vacation early to make sure to experience everything you want to do and guarantee the perfect stay according to your wishes. And when you come back, do not hesitate to describe your personal impressions and useful tips here in the comments!




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