Incredible Travel Experiences To Tick Off Your Bucket List

Published On June 23, 2017 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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If you’re a self-respecting traveler, you should have a bucket list. Quite simply, it’s a mandatory feature of the job. After all, you have to keep tabs on all the places you want to visit before you turn thirty or die, which are basically the same thing! Wait a minute – you don’t have one? What kind of adventurous Nomad are you?! Okay, don’t worry because it isn’t the end of the world. All you need to do is put together a list of your favorite experiences. And, because This World Rocks, well, rocks, you’re going to get some help.

Here is a selection of travel experiences you don’t want to miss.

Captain A Boat

One of the great things about leaving this country and going to another one is the lack of rules. Health and safety aren’t an issue abroad as long as you have money. So, if you have the cash, you can visit the nearest boat rental or look into cheap boats for sale and hit the open sea. Seriously, you and your crew are in charge for the day, and that makes you the captain. Now, sailing the seven seas isn’t for the feint of heart. Come on – you’ve seen Pirates of the Caribbean. Still, it’s an experience that you’re not likely to have any other time. Whether you’re in Central America or the Philippines, don’t waste the opportunity.

Scuba Dive

Sadly, there aren’t many wrecks off Minneapolis, and if there is, they aren’t worth seeing! Simply put, the average person can’t wake up in the morning, fill up an oxygen tank, and drive out to a diving hotspot. You have to be one of the fortunate ones for this to be apart of your daily routine. Or, you just have to be a traveler who is passing through and fancies taking in the underwater scene. Let’s face it – The Great Barrier Reef isn’t worth missing. But, there are lots of places around the world that are home to world class wrecks.

Climb An Active Volcano

Did you read the bit about health and safety not applying abroad? Well, it wasn’t a lie, and climbing an active volcano is a blatant example. Sure, there is Vesuvius in southern Italy, but that is tame compared to the others. Take Ijen in Indonesia. The suffocating sulfur spews out of the crater 24/7, and you get a ringside seat. Or, there is Villarrica in the Chilean Lake District with its steep incline and snow-capped mountain top. Plus, you get to slide back down on a piece of plastic. Oh, and don’t get started with Patagonia!

Visit Ancient Civilizations

Thanks to places like Machu Picchu and Chichen Itza, it’s possible to go back in time. As there are in perfect condition, you can walk around these sites just like the Mayans and Incas did centuries ago. The spectacle is breathtaking, and the culture will pique your interest for weeks. Just trying to understand how such an archaic people were so advanced is mind boggling. They are two pretty decent treks, but they’re well worth it in the end.



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