Exploring Hidden Gems of Cuba: Discover Trinidad

Published On February 6, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Trinidad might not be as popular as Havana, but it’s definitely the best Cuban city to visit if you are looking for peace and relaxation. Here you’ll be surrounded by beauty and never bored. Of course, delicious food, great drinks, and friendly people are always included in a Cuban holiday.

Visit Local Museums

Many of the beautiful buildings in Trinidad are not mere mansions. They are old homes turned museums. Visiting the many museums of Trinidad definitely should be on your itinerary. There are enough of them for you to see one every day of your vacation. Also, they are rather small and very cozy. Due to them often being converted from houses with art collections, the museums are rather eclectic.

The Trinidad Romantic Museum takes a special place among these attractions. It should be the first you visit because it’s the richest and most charming.

Admire the Architecture

Trinidad is an old colonial town with a lot of its architecture well-preserved. You can discover many beautiful buildings by taking one of the free walking tours in Trinidad. The style is very distinctive and elegant, and some upgrades to the buildings are rather interesting as well.

Sadly, many of these beauties have fallen in disrepair over the years. But those who can appreciate true beauty would be able to see it even under cracks and crumbling plaster. Be sure to take your camera for this trip because you’ll be able to make some incredibly powerful shots.

Don’t forget to visit the Museo de Arquitectura Trinitaria on Plaza Mayor as well.

Discover Various Religious Temples

Trinidad doesn’t have any grand cathedrals or basilicas. However, temples located in the city are all charming and special in their own unique ways.

Take Templo de Yemaya en Trinidad, which is located in a rather ordinary-looking (by the local standards) house. Come here on March 19th and you’ll be amazed by the rituals dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea. That day is her birthday, but you might get lucky and catch a religious ritual here on other dates as well.

There is also Iglesia Parroquial de la Santisima Trinidad, which you can see on the majority of local postcards. The church doesn’t look remarkable, but that’s because it was rebuilt in 1852. Today it has some interesting touch-ups from the 20th century and an interesting collection of sacred artifacts.

Also, don’t ignore the ruins of Iglesia de Santa Ana. They retained much of the church’s original beauty. But beware, walking near it at night is rather spooky.

Dance on the Grand Staircase

If you love music and dancing, visiting the Casa de la Musica is a must. Trinidad offers you a special experience in this because here the House of Music is located atop a grand staircase overlooking the city center. Every step is four feet wide and after 7 p.m. they will all be filled with dancing people who are enjoying their life to the fullest.

This party is happening every night, and without fail the atmosphere is festive and fun. Bar with tasty and affordable drinks are located right there and on some nights the festivities will pour over to Plaza Mayor and you’ll see people dancing hot salsa everywhere.

Watch the Sunset over the City

There are only two terrace bars in Trinidad, El Rintintin and El Criollo. It’s imperative that you visit at least one of them at dust to enjoy one of the most incredible sights you’ll ever see. The sunset over Trinidad is pure magic, and not only because of the beauty.

This experience seems to take you through time to the past where the city’s streets were bustling with elegant ladies and gentlemen of the 19th century. Enjoy your mojito while the light shows you illusions of the distant past.

Ride a Steam Train

You can actually ride an antique steam train while in Trinidad. It will take you to the Valley of the Sugar Mills. It’s a place of beauty, although its history isn’t kind. It’s a site protected by UNESCO and one of the most interesting historical attractions on the island.

While there, be sure to climb up the slave-watching tower. It affords a majestic view of the green hills that surround former sugar plantations.

Trinidad is such a beautiful place, every moment you spend there is sure to be memorable. And don’t forget that beaches are only a short bike ride away.

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