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Published On August 7, 2015 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Travel tech is the latest niche to take off. Because traveling itself can be stressful, having gadgets to keep your belongings safe, your money safe and the enjoyment of the holiday or trip itself at the maximum is really important.

Mobile Phone Charger

This is one of the most important gadgets that you can take with you. From portable power cards that fit in your wallet to solar chargers, there are a range to choose from so you don’t have to worry about being tethered to a power port of some kind. Take a look at Rakuten for a range of different types of mobile phone chargers on the go.

Luggage Locator

Dealing with lost luggage is a pain in the neck. Make it easier with a luggage locator. Trakdot allows you to track your baggage from your mobile phone, and you can receive a text on landing that alerts you to the status of your baggage. It switches itself off during flight time – it knows when it’s travelling over 100mph. You do have to pay an annual subscription after the first year however.

Sandless Beach Towel

The sandless beach towel makes sure that you no longer need to experience sand in unwanted places again. Developed by the military, this beach towel is impossible to cover with sand, so it was used to contain the sand and dust that’s thrown up when helicopters take off and land. It effectively filters sand through it, but doesn’t let it come back up. The towel also prevents water, dust and dirt from staying on its surface, making it perfect for lying on after a dip in the pool or the sea. It’s also great for outdoor festivals and camping. You can buy them here.

Floating Wireless Speaker

There’s nothing more idyllic than lying in the sun, floating in the pool listening to music, maybe with a drink in your hand. But do you know what spoils it? Having to get out of the pool to change the song. But fret not, because this has been solved for you in the form of floating wireless speakers. They can go for five hours at a time, and you can even take calls poolside.

Plastc Card

This is a really clever piece of tech that hasn’t quite been released yet. Plastc Card is a card that combines all your cards through a touchscreen area that lets you scroll through your credit, debit and loyalty cards and lets you pick which one you want to use. It syncs with your smartphone too, so you can check your balance and it will give you a proximity warning if you’re separated from your card.

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