Affordable Destination Wedding Tips For The Budget Savvy Couple

Published On June 3, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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First of all—Congratulations on taking on your upcoming wedding! Marriage is truly a wonderful thing. This lifelong commitment is a roller coaster ride you have chosen to enjoy with the one you cherish the most. You are a few of the lucky ones that manage to find that special someone with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives.

Many of us who are infected by wanderlust know the inexplicable joy of traveling, seeing new places and discovering new cultures. With that, what could be even greater for sojourner at heart than to have a destination wedding? Celebrating the union of their souls while essentially traveling? A big YES!

However, for the budget-conscious traveller affordability is must in all aspects, especially when weddings can be so expensive. In this article, we have compiled some of the best tips to achieve the budget-friendly destination wedding of your dreams. Continue reading below to learn more about these tips and be sure to take notes!

1) Know and Set Your Budget Limits

Before getting in the driver’s seat for planning your wedding, you first need to see how much budget you have to work with. Evaluate your financial condition honestly and thoroughly to know what your limits are. When you have done so, set the limit strictly and stick to it. The most important part of this process is ensuring that you do not spend more than what you can actually afford.

Remember, marriage entails many responsibilities and commitment, not just emotionally and mentally but also financially. It is better to enter marriage with enough savings to last you for quite some time than to go all out for the wedding ceremony without due regard to emergency expenses that may come your way. This is especially true for destination weddings since you are going to celebrate the ceremony in a foreign land where having sufficient extra cash on hand is vital to ensure all contingencies are covered.

2) Canvass and Watch Out For Package Sales

Watching out for packages and promotions is a good way to save up on costs. Consider availing all-in-one packages that offer big discounts for package availment. If you just pay attention to the details, you may be surprised of how much you can actually save by choosing wedding packages over DIY deals with different suppliers and planners.

Before availing a wedding package however, make sure to canvass many different destination wedding companies for an in-depth comparison of price ranges. From there, be sure to choose not just based on cost-saving considerations but also on reliability and quality service.

3) Hire The Locals

Hiring vendors from local businesses is a great way to save on costs. Instead of paying for the travel expenses of your makeup artist and glam team, why not hire a local make up team? Hiring locals can not only save you money but also ensure a more abundant source of whatever you will be needing.

For example, you are in Hawaii, one of the world’s most popular beach wedding destinations, considering the hiring of local Oahu vacation rentals is great way to save up on shipping costs of some wedding materials and equipment. This also effectively ensures that in case of emergency or any contingency, they can cover up any last minute essentials or problems that a wedding ceremony may encounter.

4) Consider A Solemn Private Wedding

Last but definitely not the least, consider a solemn and private wedding ceremony. A bulk of your destination wedding expenses may come from expenses for travel, accommodation and food of the guests. With a limited and very private guest list of your closest friends and family members, you will be saving up much on these expenses. Moreover, the ceremony will be much more intimate and earnest. Definitely a win-win situation!


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