5 Airport Hacks You Should Know

Published On August 22, 2016 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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If you’re reading this article, then it must mean that you’re soon to be jetting off to an exotic location with either lots of sunshine and golden beaches or interesting culture to immerse yourself in. If so, then I’m incredibly jealous. The one problem with going abroad has to be the stress of the airport. So to make sure your trip starts as smoothly as possible, here are 5 airport hacks that you should know about.

Invest in a Travel Pillow

We all know that travelling on a plane is definitely not luxuriously comfortable, but whether you’re embarking on a short or long haul flight, a travel pillow is a must have accessory. It will help you to keep a good posture during the flight and make sleeping 10x easier. Decide on your perfect travel pillow by reading the guide here.

Check Out the Parking Situation Before You Go

Getting to the airport and finding a parking spot doesn’t have to be as stressful as it often is. Check out the prices and book before you go so that you can slide into your own parking spot with no stress at all. Glasgow airport parking, for example, is low cost and the perfect place to store your car securely when jetting off from Glasgow airport.

Take a Picture of Where You’ve Parked So That It’s Easy to Find On Your Return

As an extra airport hack for parking your vehicle, take a snap on your smartphone of exactly where you’ve parked to make sure you can find it quickly and easily on return. Everybody is a bit grumpy after they’ve landed so finding your car stress free will make the journey home much more enjoyable.

Treat Yourself to an Airport Lounge

Airport terminals are very busy places, and let’s be honest, the food and drink isn’t always reasonably priced. So treat yourself to an airport lounge to get away from the busy terminal. It comes with the added bonus of free food and drink; the overall cost of which will come to what you’d have spent on refreshments in the terminal anyway. Find a lounge at the airport you’re flying from here.

Weigh Your Bag at Home Before You Get to Check In

A rookie mistake is definitely when you arrive at the airport and your luggage is way over the weight limit you were allowed. So before you head to the airport, check your airline’s policy on luggage, and weigh before you go. This will avoid unwanted costs and having to get rid of personal items just to get your luggage a place on the plane.

With these five airport hacks you’re guaranteed to have a stress free journey while jetting off on your adventure. Stay cool, calm and collected when travelling through the airport, and make sure you’re organised before you go. Friends and family will be impressed by your airport knowledge after reading this article, so enjoy your trip and take lots of holiday snaps.



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