10 Must-Do Activities in Cancun

Published On July 15, 2020 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Are you planning to travel to Cancun during your next vacation but don’t know what activities to do? Don’t worry about it anymore! In this practical guide, we tell you about the 10 must-do activities in Cancun that you can’t miss.

The arrival

It’s your first time in Cancun, and you don’t know how to get to know new places, you don’t know the city at all, and you have to travel considerable distances, but you want to be sure… We understand your feeling.

Before your trip, you must get the Cancun Airport Transportation of your choice so that you can move around the city without any problem, quickly and safely.

Visit Playa Delfines

One of the most popular beaches for tourists visiting Cancun from all over the world is Playa Delfines because it has an impressive view of the Caribbean Sea that you will not want to miss.

At the top of the beach, you will find the mirador, very famous for offering an incredible 180 degrees view of the beach and the beauty of the extension of the Caribbean Sea in Mexican coasts.

A tip you should take into account if you travel to Cancun with children is, at all times, no matter what beach you visit, you must have all the children you take with you under constant supervision. Also, please do not bring food with wrappers, cans or glass containers, in Cancun, people are very strict with the cleaning of the beaches and maintenance of them.

Take a tour of the Hotel Zone

If you are going to travel to Cancun, you have undoubtedly heard or read in some blog, newspaper, or article about the Hotel Zone. One of the essential places in Cancun and where you can find most of the resorts within the city.

In the Hotel Zone, you can find a lot of activities to enjoy either traveling alone or accompanied by this wonderful destination, some of them are

Visit Plaza la Isla

In this plaza, you will find an interactive aquarium, a dock overlooking the Nicupté Lagoon, Duty-Free Shops, and dining options from high-end restaurants to McDonald’s and convenience stores.

This square with a Milanese touch is ideal for strolling and admiring the beauty of the Italian architecture with which this site was represented, in addition to several attractions such as Iron Man Fly, where you can literally fly over the water with a pressure bra on your legs and slide down the extension of the lagoon with the help of professionals.

Meet Jardin del Arte

Jardin del Arte is known for offering an incomparable view of the Nichupte lagoon. This site has kiosks where you can relax for a while as you watch the boats and yachts come and go in the lagoon, a very strict recommendation is not to swim in the lagoon, as there is a very high level of activity by the crocodiles.

Ride mile by mile on the bike path

The hotel zone area starts from Km 0, where you can find skates, bicycles for rent, and even activities on some occasions.

One of the best experiences is to ride around the hotel zone, passing the Calinda Bridge, or just observe it by bike. You will love the view, and you will surely want to take some pictures of the site.

How to get around in the hotel zone:

Moving around in Cancun is pretty easy if you book a cheap Cancun Airport Transfers service. This will allow you to move from one place to another without any problem. Usually, you will be able to acquire one-way trips, round trips, and open services with a rate agreement according to the zone where you want to move either inside the city or in the outskirts.

Get to know downtown Cancun

The least publicized area of Cancun is probably the downtown area, although we recommend you to visit it, this way we are sure you will be able to show off much more about your experience in Cancun, some of the sites that are mandatory for any experienced traveler to know are the following

Parque de las Palapas, where you can taste the typical food of Cancun, and some Mexican snacks that we are sure you will love.

Shopping malls; Cancun has two main shopping malls in downtown, Plaza las Americas / Malecon Americas and Plazas Outlet, (where you can find your favorite stores with much cheaper clothes and products).

Malecón Tajamar; this is one of the most famous attractions of the city where you can enjoy the lagoon from the viewpoint of a few kilometers along Tajamar. Here are usually practiced skateboarding, cycling, and skating, due to the large space on the site, but it is also ideal for going as a spectator.

Mercado 28, is one of the places that every visitor with a desire to buy crafts and souvenirs should visit, because the locals are ideal for finding products of all kinds, and you can not miss a visit to one of the largest local markets in the city.



Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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