Top Vehicle Choices for Travelers

Published On November 1, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Top Lists, Travel Guides
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Although most people think of traveling as walking around, it actually comes in many forms. Whether by yourself or with friends or family, it’s quite common to travel by car. This is the core essence of a holiday yet it can be used for simple exploration of strange new lands.

Whatever your choice of traveling, the choice of car is going to matter. Like anything else you take abroad with you, it needs to be suited to the needs at hand but still needs to perform well back on home soil, and that can be a tricky compromise to make.

Space and Customization

The easiest answer is to find something that is designed to solve many problems. A simple solution would be a family car – which often boasts storage and seating aplenty. This is great because you’re not after high speed or performance but rather physical space and practical benefits. The cars can still perform well though, with some of the best family cars from Mercedes offering you superior performance in addition to generous space.


Most travelers already know how to keep a tight budget and this is a philosophy you should apply to your car; albeit on a different scale. When it comes to the running costs, you want something that’s light and efficient.

Primarily, this will be in terms of fuel consumption – the biggest cost you will arguably face on the road. A fuel-devouring machine will bleed your bank account dry quickly, while a more efficient car will give you more value for money with fewer trips to the petrol station. This has other benefits when traveling, meaning you don’t have to worry about running out of fuel midway through a trip.

These are savings that add up over time, so it’s something you will always benefit from compared to a power-heavy alternative that some misguidedly choose instead. Other costs involve tax and insurance but you can work out these before you make a purchase. When it comes to fuel efficiency, it may be worth sitting down at this time and doing some quick math to determine whether it is something you would be happy with.


Finally, when traveling – be it in the UK or abroad – feel free to invest in the right equipment to help care for your new car. This includes the likes of scrapers and ice/snow gear when visiting somewhere exceptionally cold, or even making sure you always have a spare tyre (and know how to fit it) should anything untoward happen out on the road.

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