5 Tips to Ensure Your Laptop Is Safe In Crowded Airports

Published On June 5, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Top Lists, Travel Guides
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An increasing number of travelers carry their laptops and tablets with them on flight, either to work, get entertained, or stay connected on the move. An alarming stat reported by Support.com reveals that approximately 10 percent of laptops in the airports are stolen while in circulation every day. That would precisely mean a theft every 53 seconds at major national airports.

Since most laptops are pricey and contain a major chunk of data on them, you want to make sure your laptop remains safe from theft, damage, and viruses while you travel, particularly in crowded airport areas like the Heathrow Parking lot. Skim through the five tips listed below to know more about how you can protect your laptop as you travel.

#1: Do not draw attention to your laptop.

A few people might be interested in your laptop while you are in line for boarding, security, and immigration clearance. Not everyone intends to steal your laptop, but there are chances that most of them probably want to. Stay away from probing eyes, or better still, avoid carrying a laptop bag. You could use padded backpacks and suitcases to store your laptop.

#2: Be careful when you access free Wi-Fi connectivity.

Most free Wi-Fi networks are safe and secure, and most Gatwick Hotels offer a free service, but make sure you check first.  On the other hand, a few of them are unsafe and are known to transmit Trojan ware that fully damages your laptop and the data stored within. It is advantageous to get the latest Firewall and spyware software updated on your laptop before you travel.

#3: Do not lose sight of your laptop.

This is a mandatory norm for travelers travelling with their laptop. After the laptop theft of Warren Bamford, former FBI agent from The Hilton at Gatwick, authorities urge people to keep their tablets with them at all times including coffee breaks, restroom breaks, and leisure naps. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

#4: Encrypt everything in your laptop.

Sometimes, things just go wrong and you must prepare for the worst. When you encrypt files, important folders and documentation in your laptop, you protect yourself against intellectual theft, misuse of personal information, and hacking. Moreover, sometimes you may have to hand your laptop over to the security authorities  for pre-flight checking. Set passwords that are difficult for people to guess, including those that are close to you.

#5: Do not toss your laptop in the luggage section.

It is always a great idea to have your laptop with you when you fly. Most tablets are delicate and expensive whereas aircraft luggage handlers are known to toss and hurl baggage around. There are chances of them dropping the case altogether which could be detrimental to your laptop. Hence, make sure you check in your laptop as hand baggage during the flight.

If you, despite all your attempts, suddenly find your laptop missing at a crowded airport, stay calm, approach the authorities, and get your case reported. In due time, you will get all the assistance you need.

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