Travel: How to See Ontario in Three Tours

Published On July 11, 2016 | By Staff Writer | Canada, Travel Planning
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Travel is a very personal thing don’t you think? We pick holidays that will allow us to relax, that will thrill and excite us, or that will give us new experiences and help us to grow as people. There are so many areas I would love to go to, but I feel like Canada is one of those places that really has a city or an attraction that can suit every side of my personality.

I thought in today’s post, I’d take the opportunity to share a few of the tours that I can’t wait to take when I finally get to visit Ontario, Canada.

1. Wine country

Who doesn’t love mixing a smooth glass of wine with some culture, rest and relaxation? When I head out to Ontario, it would surely be rude not to indulge in one of the very popular tasting tours that take you right through the famous wine country. I like to relax when I go on holiday, so the ability to leave all of the planning and organization to someone else is a huge relief, which is why I’ll be booking it with Niagara’s largest tour company, Magnificent Niagara Falls Tours.

That way, not only will I be guaranteed the finest experts to guide me through the fastest growing wine country in the world, but I’ll also know that I’ll get to see other landmarks such as the Floral Clock, the Laura Secord Homestead and the iconic Fort George along the way.

2. Niagara Falls

There are so many tours in this area that I need to experience, so I’ve decided to give you a little overview here. I’ll start out with the famous Hornblower Cruise; after donning an attractive yellow raincoat, our catamaran will take us right up to the very base of the Falls. Not only will I be able to dance in the spray of this iconic natural phenomenon, but afterwards, I’ll be able to take my experience further by taking the Journey behind the Falls tour.

On this excursion, I’ll be plunged downwards over 150ft in a tunnel behind the Falls. Then, I’ll emerge at an observation deck where I can witness the thunderous giant for myself, just feet away from the curtain of water. For more information on other tours such as this or the interactive Niagara’s Fury, click here.

3. Toronto City

Let’s not forget that Ontario is home to the bustling, cosmopolitan hub known as Toronto. This is a true city experience, with everything from the Royal Ontario Museum for history buffs and nature-lovers, to the Art Gallery of Ontario, home to some of the best Canadian artwork in the world. There are also dozens of bus tours and self-guided routes on offer in the city. I can’t wait to visit some of the top attractions such as CN Tower, where you’ll certainly be able to find me taking the most stunning skyline photographs.


Have you been to Ontario? I’d love to hear about your experience so please leave a comment.

photo credit: CN Tower – Toronto via photopin (license)

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