Natural Wonders in Canada

Published On September 30, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Canada, Travel Guides, Travel Planning
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The world has many great and wonderful places to visit, animals to see and views to take in. One country where you can experience a whole host of natural beauty and fantastic wildlife is Canada. This vast and exceptionally varied country has an amazing amount to offer any visitor, and with such a large landmass, Canada is a haven of untouched landscapes and nature. From the very south where it borders with the USA, to the north where temperatures are rarely above freezing, you can find a wealth of different terrain and spectacles to enjoy on Canada holidays. 

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is one of the most exciting natural wonders of the world, and many flock here year-on-year to witness the sheer scale of the waterfall for themselves. The falls are a kilometre wide and a huge six million cubic feet of water cascades over it every single minute. Niagara falls is only ninety minutes from Toronto, and is a once in a lifetime natural world experience that should not be missed.

The Rockies

The inspiration for many stories, poems and songs, the Rockies lie across both Canada and the United States. In the Canadian zones you can experience breathtaking scenery and wildlife on amazing helicopter tours or treks up parts of the mountains. There is also a tramway for those who want to see the sights but would rather stay grounded, without the physical exertion of hiking.


If you are a fan of Polar Bears, then Manitoba is definitely worth a visit. Viewers of the TV show frozen planet may recognise the area by name, as it is the location of most of the footage in the series. Known as the Polar Bear capital of the world, there are few other places you can see the bears in their natural habit in this way. Go on a safari here in the summer or autumn months when they take refuge here. This area is also a good place to view the northern lights, so if you time it perfectly you may be able to witness two natural beauties in one place.

This planet has much to enjoy, and nowhere more so than Canada. The different landscapes and the animals that inhabit them are some of the most enchanting wonders you will ever see. A trip to Canada can give you a chance to explore the world around you, with a huge variety of natural treasures to relish here – it’s a real once in a lifetime opportunity for nature lovers.

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