Hitting the road from Canada to South America

Published On July 28, 2014 | By Staff Writer | Canada, North America, South America, Travel Planning
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The Pan-American Highway stretching from Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to Ushuaia in Argentina has remained one of the top attractions with tourists looking for an adventure. The highway system is made up of several connecting roads covering more than 20,000 miles. Both young and old travelers have conquered the highway, exploring different countries, cities and cultures along the way.

Before making such a trip, travelers need to select an appropriate vehicle to handle the terrain, preferably a four-wheel drive car, with good ground clearance. Travelers need not bother buying a new vehicle for the journey since renting a car online is easy nowadays.

Other than arranging suitable transportation, travelers need to plan their routes and itineraries beforehand to ensure they get the most out of their trip. It is advisable to work with a flexible schedule that allows ample time to explore different sites. Furthermore, those who are ready for the trip can decide to pre-book any tours they are interested in participating in, to make certain they do not miss out.

There are hundreds of activities and attractions along the way to keep most travelers busy. A few interesting sites are explored below:

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon, Canada

This remote and expansive park is on the edge of the Arctic Circle and is dominated by black granite peaks set amidst the desolate wilderness. Visitors to the park will enjoy the teeming wildlife in the area as well as the stunning tundra landscape. Due to its size and remoteness, all tourists are advised to leave their details with the relevant authorities prior to accessing the park.

Hole-In-The-Wall, Wyoming, USA

During the USA stretch of the trip, tourists should take a trip to the Wild West by visiting this remote pass in the Big Horn Mountains. Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid and Jesse James are some of the famous outlaws who hid from the law in this wild and untamed corner of the country.

Chapultepec Castle, Mexico

Those travelling down the Pan-American Highway should take some time to relax in the beautiful Chapultepec Park in Mexico City. Chapultepec Castle sits on the summit of Chapultepec Hill in the park, a site believed to be sacred for the ancient Aztecs. As the former abode of Maximilian I, Mexico’s only monarch, this is the only true castle found in North America.

Joya de Ceren, El Salvador

Once travelers reach El Salvador, they should take a detour to go explore the Joya de Céren, Central America’s version of Pompeii. This archeological site is actually an ancient farming village that was remarkably well preserved under numerous layers of volcanic ash.

Casa del Arbol, Ecuador

The seismic monitoring station put up to observe Mt. Tungurahua is also home to a famous swing. Set on the branches of a tree on the property, this lone swing allows daring riders to arc themselves over the canyon void. This is truly meant for the brave of heart since there are no safety nets or harnesses available to protect tourists from tumbling into the abyss below.

Travelling down the Pan-American Highway, tourists will no doubt uncover more hidden gems and wonders. Such a trip is guaranteed to be a memorable and epic adventure for those lucky enough to make it.

photo credit: Bo Mertz via photopin cc

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