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Published On October 10, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Greece, Travel Planning
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You have always wanted to buy a villa in Greece and more precisely on a Greek island. What could be a better choice than purchasing one on the world-class island of the windmills? Besides, you will be in the center of Cyclades and all your friends and celebrities will be visiting the place from early April to mid-October. Thus, such a dream becomes a necessity if you can’t wait to relax, but you desire to stay close to “civilization”. Therefore, let’s waste no more time and start checking on the existing opportunities.



That’s one cute diamond near Paraga beach and it is one the most affordable options on the market at the moment. It has the ability to roof the dreams of up to 12 people with ease as it involves five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The actual living space is about and the area around the building is approximately four times that size and even more. Apart from that, inside there are all modern amenities including a fireplace and a Jacuzzi. On the exterior, you will love the swimming pool, the barbecue and definitely the lovely view to the Aegean Sea. Make no mistake: It is one of the smallest manors for sale out there, but it can suit your taste and budget just fine. If you’re about to purchase it any time soon it will cost you 3,250,000€ but remember that all your friends will be jealous of you for the rest of their lives as it’s always the case with people buying villas in Mykonos.


Here is an exquisite villa that may appeal to you even further than the previous one as it is a little bigger but you can buy it for 50,000€ less! Isn’t that great? It can sleep 12 lucky guests and provide them with six bedrooms and six restrooms. It has got a living area of 360 square meters yet the plot around measures to 4,200 sq. mt. It is spotted on the rocky though charming region of Agrari and it is especially designed so that it offers its guests an airy feeling of calmness and coziness as it seems like flying over the ground. It goes without saying that this villa will fulfill your dreams and expectations in no time as you can even enjoy sunrises from the comfort of your bed and there is even a secret suite for ultra-private moments with your partner. Hence, if total privacy is what you had been looking for since last summer that is your chance. Tip: That villa is as if it was designed for Mr. and Mrs. Grey..!


That is not just another villa in Agrari since it travels its visitors to undiscovered paths of elegance and unassuming luxury. It accommodates up to twelve people per night and it includes six bedrooms and five lavatories. The living area is 600 square meters in size, but the whole plot is about 10,000 sq. mt. in total! It looks as if it is hung from the cliff as it’s constructed on its edge. The ones who know Mykonos like the back of their hand have chosen to build their houses in that specific area which is fully protected by the winds. To attract you further, it’s only fifteen minutes away from downtown by car. Its trade value is 4,250,000€ but-take my word for it-it worth every single penny you’ll spend.


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