European Destinations That Won’t Break The Bank

Published On February 8, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Europe, Travel Planning
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A trip to Europe can be expensive. Prices for tourists in Europe’s most famous cities vary from astonishingly expensive to amazing bargains. Europe poses an irresistible challenge to the budget travelers. It becomes very difficult if you are bound by a budget. And also sticking to daily allowance while traveling can become tricky. But there are destinations in Europe that offer all the necessary fun without a hefty price tag.

We have a list of 4 European destinations you can do on a budget. So why not spend a weekend with your friends exploring one of these jewel.


A charming city with a thriving nightlife, Prague now attracts more tourists than ever. Tourists on a budget can find a lot to do in the capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is the best place for reasonable accommodation, on foot exploration, and possibly the best bars in the world. Prague’s history of invasions, fires, floods, and of the survival  and perseverance, makes it so fascinating. The city’s major cultural attractions – 1,000-year-old marketplace Old Town, mid-10th century fort Vyšehrad, and Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV’s namesake bridge — which have a free entry.

The city boasts some of the most famous architectural landmarks in Europe – the bustling Charles Bridge, the famous Astronomical Clock in the Old Town and the sprawling Prague Castle. It is also famous for its tasty beers and beer halls.


Hungary’s capital, Budapest is one of the largest European cities known for its medieval and modern-day architecture. The “city of spas” is filled with pavement cafes, has a rich history and one of Europe’s craziest party scenes. For a truly Hungarian experience, you can gaze at the historic architecture by exploring the city on foot. The city overflows with local eateries. With cheap public transportation and abundance of affordable hotels, It is a hot favorite among budget travelers looking for cheap holiday destinations in Europe. It is well connected via flights from Munich, Frankfurt or Istanbul, so travelers looking to visit more than one European destination, keep in mind that Budapest will be extremely light on your pockets.


Barcelona is a great destination for a perfect city break. Barcelona is the dream destination for all the culture vultures and is famous for its great art. Many of the city’s major attractions are clustered around the Old Town. So, lace up your best walking shoes and explore the city on your own foot. Museu Picasso, Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished church and mansions with Picasso’s work are a must visit. They are endless hotel options available for people visiting Barcelona on  a budget. Barcelona has the most amazing nightlife and the best bars in Europe, that fulfills your heart’s desire. So, if a Barcelona hen do is what you have in your mind, then it will be the perfect blend of rich heritage, immense culture, beach breaks and wild nights.


For travellers looking at a budget trip to a place with abundance of port wine supply, Porto is a great option. It is very friendly on the pocket with cheap public transport, affordable hotels and alleys adorned with graffiti art. Every sunset is a gift in this relaxing Portuguese city. The panoramas across the coast of Rio Douro are breathtaking.

Porto is one of the host of European destinations with a huge amount of vegetarian options. So, if you are on dietary restrictions, you can rest easy.


At a time when Euro-trips are more popular than ever, choosing a budget friendly destination can itself become a challenge.

We have got you covered! Travel to these Budget-friendly European destinations without worrying about your money. Go, get out there and explore the world, and maybe save some money while you are at it.

Happy traveling!



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