A Backpacker’s Dream Destination: Antigua and Barbuda

Published On June 29, 2013 | By Staff Writer | Caribbean, Destinations, Travel Guides
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The backpacker’s working principles when it comes to travelling are practicality and mobility. Practicality because almost all backpackers are also budget conscious travelers; they are willing to sacrifice well-earned comforts offered by hotels for a more basic accommodation in order to save up on money. Mobility, because backpackers aim to visit more places within a short span of time. If you’re a backpacker, looking to sum up practicality and mobility by visiting one holiday destination, then Antigua and Barbuda is the place for you.

Antigua and Barbuda’s places of interest

The archipelagic island of Antigua and Barbuda is home to magnificent beaches. Serene ocean and scenic views are experienced best At Antigua. Popularly known as the “land of 365 beaches”, Antigua and Barbuda will satisfy the backpackers thirst for magnificent beaches.

Trekking in Mount Obama

Antigua1aAlthough Antigua and Barbuda are small islands, still expect diverse activities that can be done in these islands. One of Antigua and Barbuda’s most visited tourist spot is Mount Obama. Mount Obama is named after President Barack Obama who is the 44th President of the United States; this is also Antigua and Barbuda’s highest point. If you’re a backpacker looking for some serious trekking activity you can opt to trek the slopes of Mount Obama. However, extreme caution is always advised to trekkers looking to overcome new and challenging terrains. If you are not a professional trekker and just looking to explore Mount Obama, hiring a guide is highly recommended for safer trekking. Also when looking to do some serious trekking, it is important to comply with the rules and regulations being implemented by the Tourism Department in this place.

Nelson’s Dockyard

Another point of interest which backpackers can explore is Nelson’s Dockyard.  Because of its rich history dating back in the year 1784, the Nelson Dockyard is considered as this country’s cultural heritage. A visit to the Nelson’s Dockyard will open the eyes of any visitor to the rich naval history of Antigua and Barbuda; the fact that the structure of the dock has European and Georgian influences are best exhibited in the surrounding architecture of the place. A backpacker’s visit to the Nelson Dockyard will give him an amazing view of its surrounding bay as well as introducing him to this country’s rich history.

Fort James

If you want another magnificent view of the entire bay landscape of Antigua and Barbuda, a visit in Fort James will do just the trick.  Built in 1706, Fort James is one of Antigua and Barbuda’s most visited hot spots.

To know more about Antigua and Barbuda’s history, the backpacker can visit the local museum. The museum itself is an architectural delight. A visit to this place will surely enlighten backpackers and travelers about the diverse culture and history of this country.

Exploration means

Since Antigua and Barbuda are small islands, tourists travel around by rental cars or taxis. For backpackers, there are also practical means of transportation like buses. However, extreme patience should always accompany backpackers and travelers when riding local buses because bus operations are known to be too slow. Thus, it is recommended that travelers just pay for rental cars.

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