Staying Safe in the Hills: Best Hiking Accessories

Published On March 5, 2019 | By Staff Writer | Travel Planning
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Prepped up for your hiking trip this season? But, wait for a while, have you looked at some of the hiking accessories that you will make your trip more exciting, safe and memorable?

I was once told by an experienced hiker that you need the right hiking supplies on your hiking trip, or you could end up in a mess. Whether you are a professional hiker or a huge Kevin Nealon fan out on your explore trip, backing yourself up with some of the hiking gears is a must.

So, here’s the ultimate list of hiking accessories that would help you on your hiking adventure.

Hiking Backpack

A backpack is the primary piece of accessory for every hiking adventure. For short, simple hikes, a backpack that can hold about 15-20 litres is enough. But, for long distance hikes, carry a big backpack that is sturdy and does not tear. Make sure that the pack you choose comes with a rain cover and is made for your gender. It may not sound important, but you will see a big difference in backpacks for females and males.

TIP – Do not choose a backpack that is made up of thin material

GPS & Navigation System

This is no brainer, the navigation system is the most important piece of gear as it will help you find your way. If you are relying on your phone for navigation, you might feel betrayed and disappointed. That is because your GPS device might stop working or you might not find a way to charge your phone, so make sure you carry a compass and a map. You need to know where you are travelling!

TIP – Even before you pick up a map and a compass, make sure you learn how to navigate using it.

Dry Bag

The dry bags help solve a pertinent problem every hiker faces at some point on their hiking adventures. They are a great addition to your hiking trip. They keep your stuff dry and safe during the wettest hiking conditions. Sometimes, when the weather is nasty enough, water seeps through into your pack and wets the contents. This isn’t a big deal for many of your items. For example, if your water bottles get wet, you will probably not mind. However, it becomes a problem when it comes to things that you must keep dry, for example, electronic gadgets.

Sleeping Tents

One of the best parts of any hiking trip is sleeping under the sky and waking up in a truly fantastic location. There is simply no other way to experience the eternal beauty of nature. And to experience that you need to carry a tent with you on every hiking adventure. Your tent is your ticket to making your backpacking adventures more fun and saving a lot of money.

TIP – You can carry a tent, hammock or tarp, depending upon your trails. When you have to spend a night in the wild, unexplored woods, tie your hammock high up in tree line, instead of a tent.

Water Reservoir and Filter

Drinking water is usually easy to find but there might be cases when your water supply might run low, or there is no potable water nearby. So, it is essential to carry water bottles/ reservoir depending upon the length and intensity of the hike, and weather conditions. Also, carry a water filter to have clean drinking water all the time.

It is important to pack all the above listed hiking accessories for a safe, sound and fun hiking adventure.

TIP – While you are on your hiking trip, carry a camping knife for protection, hunting and survival. But before you do the same, check with the knife carrying regulations, so that you don’t get into trouble.






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